"I used to whiz through grading papers and took some pride in returning a set to a class, even of 30 students, within 24-48 hours. In the past few years I have slowed down so much I dread reading them and regret assigning them, It takes me days, and I find I can only read a few at a time without getting bored and distracted, certainly not as "fresh" as I like to be to appreciate each one.

Wednesday I got 31 3-4 page papers. They were done by 11 am Wednesday and I actually enjoyed reading them, even though the process was longer than before as I downloaded them from e-mail, wrote notes and a paragraph at the end using track changes, and mailed them back."

~ JM


"Last night we drive home from Greensboro after a day of work, and usually we collapse, nap, and complain about lack of energy. I took off for errands in Lexington and came home and moved the front 40 bush grass. I cleaned closets and rearranged the exercise room. I was so happy, I want neurofeedback every day for life."

~ TS


"My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. She was prescribed stimulant medication in the morning and after school and Zoloft before bedtime. As a mother and psychiatric nurse I felt that there needed to be something more than just a monthly refill of medications. My daughter went to several therapists which did not help. She was very embarrassed to share feelings and instead would behave inappropriately.

After four months of neurofeedback one to two times a week I saw a big improvement. The first thing that happened was her ability to go to sleep in about 30 minutes. Then, after failing end of the year testing she retook the test and passed!

Several months and a move to Texas later, my daughter is on half the medication previous. One does of stimulant in the morning, no more Zoloft. She is making C's and B's in math and has several close friendships.

I am really thankful that Robert Longo is developing his own practice in Neurofeedback as I have seen the improvements it has made in my daughter's life."

~ CB


"Single most exciting new direction for future exploration: the neuroscience wave. Rob Longo is a treasure; you scored quite a coup finding him and bringing him in our midst."

~ UNCG Graduate student